The Projection Project

This one explains itself pretty well too! (I really hit a slump with naming things, let me be….) I was sitting in my Stats class one day, just watching my teacher explain something about SRS (Standard Random Sample…never say i didn’t learn anything) or something along those curve lines, and he had his projector on! I never would have thought of doing this if he hadn’t had some crazy study projecting across his chest. I started looking into this to see if anyone had ever done it before (and if they did, if they’d put it on Flickr) and much to my surprise I could hardly find anything! I decided to use this project to help “reflect” people passions, or secret interests by taking images, and projecting them onto the person, and then working on the images a bit in photoshop. The result was actually almost better than I could have imagined! I was really excited about this project and how well it turned out….these two images are still some of my favorites out of all the work I produced this year. As usual, let me know what you think!

"Spidey Taco" (feat. Jake Tacito)

"A Hundred Million Suns" (feat. AJ Perri)

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