My Digital Endeavor….or continuing endeavors, that is…

Project #4: 10/27/09

Breadth Project #4! Not going to lie, this was one of the easiest projects I did the first semester of AP. This project was probably more for the people who didn’t use photoshop literally on a daily basis like me, but I took this project for what it was: a chance for me to just play around and enjoy learning a bit more about the software! I don’t even fully remember how I did this project…..but I do still really like it because it was simple yet fun and pretty. I took the photo of this really cool flower that I was going to use for the foliage project I was assigned over the summer, and decided to spice it up a bit. I selectively greyscaled the background, and left the flower as the only thing still colored in the image. I then had to go through, and very very carefully select the entire flower with the magnetic lasso and not let the lines go off the flower. Once that was done, I then use different filters and techniques to somewhat solarize the flower on three different levels to get the colors all so different. I also colorizes and saturated the entire thing a lot to get such vibrant colors, and in the end I got the final piece.

“Psychadellic Technicolor Flower Power” –  the Digital Endeavor project, 10/27/09

"Psychadellic Technicolor Flower Power"

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