4 10 2010

tonight I met Jimmy Eat World.

my favorite band of all time.

the greatest musical influence in my life.

the one band i genuinely never thought i would meet. ever.

I MET them. I HUGGED Jim Adkins.

I hugged the man who pinned the lyrics to “Work”, “Hear You Me”, and “Polaris”.

I got to thank him in person for everything his music has done for me.

tonight was the greatest night of my life.

that is all.

“can you still feel the butterflies?”

On a Less Sappy Note

17 07 2010


Maddie The Music Reindeer

I will be stuck on a bus for nearly 12 hours on Sunday as SLY rides the rockies towards Idaho for this summer’s Mission trip, which means I’m looking for 11 hours worth of any music to keep me intertained!

Looking through my blog I have mentioned different musicians I like, and at the end of each post there’s a song Im listening to as I write. If you think you know some music i’d like, or even any of your personal favorites, any and all recommendations are greatly appreciated! Post your comments on this post and i’ll be sure to look them over and check them out as I spend some great quality time with my iPod this week.

xoxo always!


Currently listening: “You In A Song” – Jason Reeves

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the ‘present.'”

17 07 2010

If you know where that quote is from, you may be giggling to yourself. But think of it coming from an old wise man, not an old wise animated turtle in a Jack Black children’s movie.

I’m writing tonight at 3:20am simply because I need to say something. To say exactly what’s on my mind in the simplest of words would be to say that I’ve been having the best week of my entire summer thus far! But there’s so much more to it, and so much more on my mind….so, here comes one of my slightly insightful rants…
I finally got the chance to see an old friend this week, for the first time in eight months. Sounds like a long time, especially for such connected teenagers of this day and age….believe me, this has been a LONG time coming. It sounds even more silly for an 18-year old to be saying she has “old friends”, but regardless of all of that, this one little thing just took my week from being the already incredible week it was, so something above and beyond. This is a friend I met doing something I love so much I can’t fully describe with words… and after a long and crazy year filled with even longer and crazier dramas, I know that nothing in the world could have made me feel more happy than getting to run into them by strange fate at a public event full of thousands of people. This one event mixed with tons of other smaller happenings have made me feel like lately, my life has gone from something that I already loved, and turned into something that is making me look at every single day more carefully and become even more thankful for the opportunities I am presented with, and the people that fill the 24 hours I have in every single day. I am surrounded by such an amazing support group, and such wonderful people.

I just feel the need to put into words how thankful I am for the people who have seen me grow and play and become the person who I am today over the past 18 years: my friends. We have rough patches, and we go through phases, but seeing friends you think may be long gone, to seeing friends you spent your elementary school days with, all of it just makes me realize that there is something special and unique about the group of comrades I have, and the love i feel for all of them. You never know when friendships will wither and die, or flourish and grow, but I do know that everything happens for a reason, and I love taking this time to look back and just express how thankful I am about how many things have flourished for me over the past four years.

As I head off this week to go on my final mission trip with St. Luke’s as a member of the youth, I realize now how much these friends and opportunities I have had or gained through being a part of this group have meant to me over the course of the past 3 yerars. I know my life has gone in a completely different direction since SLY and all the people in it have been introduced into my life, and I also know that my life will never be the same because of them. My wish is that these next 7 days are filled with wonderful memories, incredible stories, and heartwarming moments that help me continue to find the little wonders in my everyday that I have been celebrating so much lately. Every friend I have, through SLY or not, has pushed and encouraged me to continue these Mission journeys. Through their support i’ve not only found a stronger relationship with my religious beliefs, but i’ve also found a stronger me, a better friend, and a better person. I hope this next week continues my streak of good fortune and countless memories that make me so thankful to have the life I lead.

My wish for this week is that as I am off dedicating my time to “find something deeper” in my everyday by serving the people around me, that all of the people around me can have the same “ah-ha!” moment’s that I have been having lately. That they might too find pure joy, happiness, and love for their lives and the people in it right now. My wish is that things stay the way they are now, and when they do begin to change and differ as all good things do, that I will be able to look back on these times and remember that feeling like this is not impossible, and I will always be able to find my way back. Today is truly a gift, and I intend to celebrate it and the joy it has brought me as much as I can.

Hopefully I will have TONS of great stories and photos to share with you when I arrive home, but until then, don’t forget to count your lucky stars and be thankful for everything life has to offer 🙂


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A Very Sneak-y Love Affair….

8 07 2010

Today was the day i’ve been waiting 8 weeks for! My super awesome. “all-my-own” Vans Customs showed up on my doorstep today, much to my delight, surprise and overall excitement! The Customs were a gift from the always awesome Shawn Gruenhagen, the head Vans rep. for Colorado, and the co-mastermind behind the FRESH 23 Fashion show put on by Studio 23 every year. After weeks of fun slave labor related to the show (yes, I said “fun” followed by “slave labor”, don’t judge me, I am the one to blame for me being involved with the show), the day of the event finally came. Although it was crazy and hectic and insane and full of mayhem and last minute additions, the show went off without a hitch!! As a thank you for all my insane efforts that day in trying to make it happen, Shawn gave me a coupon to order my own customs for free, and I went to town! Yes, I’m a total nerd and photoshopped together a collage of beauty shots of the new shoes, but you know as well as I that shoes never stay looking pretty for long….

If you like what you see, or are curious about the Vans Customs program, click on the link  here and check it out for yourself! I LOVE all of the different options and designs available, so go on and make your own sick kicks!

Also, if you’d like to see some photos from this year’s FRESH 23 event, follow this link here to my Flickr page and check em out! If you weren’t there, you missed out on one heck of a show! The DVD of this year’s documentary is nearing completion, so keep your eyes peeled for any posts related to that – hopefully i’ll be able to link the entire thing right to this blog.


Currently Listening: “19-2000 (Soulchild Remix)” – Gorillaz

(fun fact: this song was featured in this year’s FRESH 23 Fashion show as the song the “Audible Evolution” group walked to)

P.S. – UPATES! UPDATES UPDATES UPDATES!!! There are tons of updates all over the blog! Check out the “Projects” page for full links to all of this years projects, information on my piece hanging in D.C., and more! Keep your eyes peeled and reading 🙂

Out with the old, in with the new!

5 07 2010

My oh my, where has all the time gone?!

These past six months have just FLOWN by, and here I am, once again blogging i the middle of the summer realizing how quickly this past year has whizzed by! I started this blog a little over one year ago…Im amazed at how far I have come over the course of these 12 months, how much has happened, and I’m very excited to finally be back at the helm of this blog and  begin working on updating all of my project pages with details of my past year’s vast triumphs and failures. Last I left you, I had updated you about my trip out to California and all the great new ideas I had regarding college and life etc. I was working on still pulling together this year’s Groovin’ For Gulu event, as well as working steadily away in all things art-class related.

As the year progressed, I was working even harder on all the things I had going on, but now, everything is behind me and I can finally begin to look back at all the achievements and successes of my final year as a high school student.

1)I SURVIVED. Words cannot express how important this seemingly minor accomplishment is. By May 21st, the day of my Graduation, I had done more things than I truly believe I would have ever done period. Even though I had more than my fair share of sleepless nights, endless days, and countless mental and emotional breakdowns, I still finished out high school with a 3.7 GPA, an entire AP Studio Art portfolio under my belt, an A+ Capstone presentation, and graduation honors in Art, National Honor Society, my GPA standing, and as the Senior class Vice President. Walking across that stage felt slightly rushed and boring, but looking back a month later now, that little trot across the stage at the Temple-Buell Theater was truly my victory march; declaring my win over all things high school, and every goal I had set and attained that year (and even though my Steve Madden’s don’t fit my right foot exactly right, it was still the most fabulous feeling walk EVER).

2) I GOT INTO COLLEGE. This may be another accomplishment that sounds excruciatingly minor to a high school Senior in today’s society, but trust me, it’s most definitely not when you are that Senior! Everyone expects most people to be going to some sort of college after they graduate high school, in the 21st Century that’s the norm of all norms. But when you’re that Senior with that expectation thrust upon you, the entire idea becomes twisted and magnified; nothing in the world is scarier than college applications and the waiting period between sending in your application and awaiting the day that your fate arrives in the mail in the form of a small white envelope. I set very high goals for myself, with high hopes of being accepted and attending the University of Southern California. Although I knew that this was more than likely never going to happen, I still let myself work hard enough to try and do what I knew was necessary to get in. I received my letter in March, telling me that I had not been accepted into their program that year, and although it was a bit of a letdown, by the time I recieved this news, I had already realized that I’d rather be attending school elsewhere for my Freshman year…..and I had already been accepted.

Out of the 10 schools I applied to, I was accepted to 9 of the 10, USC being the only exception. I set my sights on the Music Industry program at University of Colorado at Denver, and with student ID and class schedule in hand, i’m now officially a college Freshman. If you remember from a few posts ago, I met JJ Italiano, the manager of the Flobots in September at the Bowling Ball event. I’ll talk more about this later, but I ended up spending much more time with him than I could have even begun to imagine last September. He and many of the members of the band, as well as many of the people working for the band The Fray (as well as many of the band members) all went through this music program! The more I looked into it, the more I realized how perfectly suited it was for me. It may not be 15 minutes away from an ocean, but in many cases, this program is even better than the one I could have found at any California private school (and i’m only 2 minutes away from Riverfront Park! It’s no ocean, but it works for me!). If I do really want to be working in the music industry, I’m going to have to end up in LA someday anyways, so I might as well enjoy my time in Colorful Colorado while it lasts. I cannot wait to begin classes August 23rd and tell you all about it!

3) I SURVIVED ALL THINGS ART. This year, art was a little more insane than I could ever imagine! Having photo three hours a day was definitely amazing, but at the same time I was so overwhelmed all year long that I soared in some senses, but definitely crashed and burned in others. Most importantly, I successfully completed my AP Art Portfolio on time with 12 completed Concentration pieces, and 12 amazing pieces representing my breadth. I should be receiving my portfolio scores any day now, and I honestly cannot wait! My AP class changed the way Im always going to look at the world, and look at art. AP became more than a bunch of friends, we became a family, and now that we’ve been broken up it’s one family that I’m going to dearly miss. I have hundreds of pictures and memories to tide me over while I patiently wait for the day we all get back together again.

Although AP art was one of the greatest high school experiences I had, my Advanced photo classes took a sour turn for a part of this year. Minor tifts with my teacher on and off throughout the year made me really sad, and made it hard to always focus on producing the best work possible. Although it was a bit of a roller coaster, I produced some of my most important, and most successful pieces ever. I discovered a way to photoshop some photos so that they became 3D images! Like, literally old school red/cyan glasses required 3D pieces. I’d never seen anything like that before, so being able to figure out how to make it happen and work so well was really cool. Another thing I’d never seen done before was fake a painting….haha. Yes it sounds weird but I did it! And not only did I do it, but it’s now hanging in our nation’s Capitol Building in Washington D.C. for the next year. I’ll do another smaller post explaining the process and my trip to visit my piece, but this was such an accomplishment for me. I’m incredible honored and excited to have achieved this! Regardless of everything happening throughout the year, i’d say it all ended fairly well, and I know i’m going to miss the dark room and all things related to the Photo Room #10 for many years to come….it’s a good thing I still shoot B&W and can come bother them and steal chemicals whenever I need 🙂

4) GROOVIN’ FOR GULU DID NOT HAPPEN. No, there is no typo! Groovin’ For Gulu 2.0 did NOT happen this year. Much to my immediate dismay, I came to realize after awhile that this concert falling through led to me interning with JJ Italiano and the Flobots, almost going on tour with 3OH!3, and now having endless contacts into the local music scene and my hopefully what becomes my future career. I’ll do another smaller post on the Groovin’ For Gulu page about what happened with the concert, the project, and everything else related to this insane sidestory of my Senior year, but in all honesty, it was one of  the best things that could have happened! I don’t know if I will be trying again any time soon to make the concert happen, but I do know that the things that came out of it not happening are things that will hopefully be impacting me in a good way for years to come. Simply put, I met a lot of people, did a lot of things, and learned even more that helped me solidify my reasons behind wanting to go into the music business, so cheers to that!

I know this post has become a small novella, but there’s been a lot to catch you up on my dearest bloggy thing! Hopefully this pushes me to keep up and start updating you a bit more, i’d prefer to not write you a life story every 6-12 months 🙂

For now, that’s it! Sneak around the site for a few more surprises and updates i’ll be throwing up here. Hopefully you find all this as exciting as I do now that it’s all said and done. Sometimes all it takes is a little time off, a lot of sunshine, and some good music to get you to reflect on all the wonderful blessing one life has in store for you 🙂


Currently Listening: “Don’t Stop Believing” – Journey

(yes….I admit, I picked it cause it was my class song, the Glee cover is AMAZING, and my friend just sent me a awesome/hilarious cover of it done by a band out in Missouri yesterday.)

Ooh it has been too long!

14 12 2009

Oh my dear blog, words cannot even  begin to describe how bad I feel about leaving out in the preverbal cold for so long! I have been out my eyeballs busy with tons of school stuff, college applications, etc. etc.

My trip to California was as amazing as I could have hoped…in many ways it was more. I realized the college of my dreams, the hard work it will take to make it, all along with how much my family truly means to me in the ong term of actually getting to this future i’ve been dreaming of for so long. I basked in the sun through the tinted windows of my aunt’s Jeep for four straight days, and even managed to squeeze in two hours of R&R time at the beach. Just me, the surf, the sand, and a bunch of funny German tourists next to me trying to take some scenic “jumping-mid-air-with-the-sun-silhouetting-you” pictures. If only they knew I was a photographer (or if I spoke German), I could have helped make it actually happen….  instead, I took one for myself:

My mom isn’t the best with a camera, and this took a couple good tries, but hey, I made it work with a little help from Photoshop 🙂

Anywho, since then life hasn’t slowed in the least! School and art have been kicking my butt like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. I had a bit of a rough bout with art this semester. My teacher leaving us with the lame “decide your own project” for Advanced class left me completely high and dry! I could not think of projects to do for the life of me…. and it really killed my grade. I soared and succeeded in my AP Art class. I feel like a lot of my ideas and projects were pretty good, and I’ve experimented in ways I never thought I would! I had to draw an entire project, and although it’s not great, it really pushed my buttons and tested me to my max. I (get this!) chose to paint part of one of my projects! Although I only painted accent parts onto photographs, I did it! I tampered in many different little things this year, all things I never thought i’d try, but I feel so accomplished knowing that I have done them! Things are pretty amazing when you put so much passion and time into them.

There are five days left until I am finally FREE and back to having enough time to update you, my lovely blog!

I promise I will finish updating you will tons of fun and new things asap, but I have to get to bed….Finals in the morning 😦

So goodnight, sweet dreams! I’ll be back soon, I promise!

Don’t miss me too much 🙂 haha


Currently Listening: “Hey Soul Sister” – Train

(p.s. – I LOVE that I loved this song 6 months before anyone else even knew it was around, and had it as my ringtone for that long too :), haha! I’d never say that in person, because i think it sounds horribly bitchy. But it’s 150% true, and dammit, this is my blog, I do what I want! Either way, if the world is catching onto good music, im happy for them.)

They weren’t kidding when they told me life’s like a rollercoaster…

19 09 2009


my dear bloggy-thing. Here I am again. up late as usual, just mouthing off to you about my hopes, and dreams, and crazy schemes. (that rhymed! ha)

Anyways. This week has been insane.

Countdown till departure for my “lets go look at colleges you can never afford!” tour is down to 3 days. I will be flying out of the Mile High city at 9am (bright and early for me) on Tuesday morning, headed straight for LAX. Im honestly pretty freaked out about the realizations I might gain from this trip. Not only the realization of  how far away I will be from Wheat Ridge, my mom and her cooking and laundry-doing awesomeness, as well as my beloved millennium Bridge. Im worried I’m gonna be hit by the worries that I don’t know if I’ll make it doing what I want to do for the rest of my life. I don’t even know if i can afford going to school to do what i want to do for the rest of my life at this point!! College is HUGE, and it’s just freaky beginning to think that it’s right around the corner. Lazy days waking up in the Santa Clarita Valley, and playing on the beach are just what I need right now though — this this mini escape to paradise couldn’t be timed better!

Tonight, right as I was in bed  trying to fall asleep (coughing my head off because im still sick), I was checking Twitter for any last interesting things of the day, and came across a link that Tiffany Mink (who is a super awesome Warped Tour God [if you will]) put up about how she got to where she is in life, and the similarities are UNCANNY!

She’s big into photography and went to school for it, with a minor in communications with a Music Industry Minor, which is pretty much exactly what I could piece together as a name for what I want to study in college.

She started out managing a band in High School, and went on to produce and manage concerts in college.

I managed In The Hour the whole time they were together, and produced my first concert last year.

She loves photography.

I like photography.

I don’t know what it is, but lately, the cosmos have been sending me some pretty badass signals in the form of AMAZING connections, or inspiring people!

She pretty much has my dream job, dream life, etc!

This blog on her WordPress page (might I mention, another similarity!) was what got me up and back on my computer tonight. I feel SO inspired!!!

She is doing absolutely, exactly what I want to do in life, and she started out doing almost exactly what I’ve been doing. This gives me SO much faith that its canceling out all my crazy college trip worries!  I can’t believe it. I knew she had an awesome job, but I just feel like there’s a reason she put this up.  Hopefully she can find the time to e-mail me back just so I can pick her brain for a little more. Im just so awestruck on the similarities, it’s crazy! It’s like when I read Britta’s thing on the Roxy page, all over again!

Even though the Flobots can’t play the show this year, I feel like there must be a reason I am making all these contacts and getting to hear all this right now. It’s like the Gods want me to pull off this show. They want to see me succeed…. even if they are keeping me home from school sick, and keeping me freaked out about photo projects and the fact that I totaled my mom’s car last weekend…. (don’t ask about that, another story, another post).

The universe works in super mysterious ways, but I gotta say, this is one of the times when the saying “love to hate it, hate to love it” comes in really handy 🙂

We’ll have to see what comes of all of this, but for now, we’ll just have to keep sitting, waiting, wishing about G4G 2.0.

No Flobots, so what??  Im reaching for the moon trying to book them!! And even with that, if I land among the stars, that’s beyond fine with me 🙂

For now my blog, I gotta let you go. My eyelids are drawing me back to bed. Im hoping i’ll have some sweet dreams about the show turning out awesome this year, and that Ms. Mink will e-mail me back!!!

I have TONS of new pieces to photograph and put up here, I’ll be bringing home the rest of my summer work for AP that I haven’t brought home yet, and i’ll photograph it on my own and post it all up here and on the website 🙂

I have 2 advanced projects to pull out my butt this weekend, but I’m using some older negatives of some sweet shots I got of my brother and his friend snowboarding during the first blizzard last spring break, Im sure those will turn out awesome! I’ll keep you posted on them all 🙂

Until then, goodnight cyber world!


Currently Listening: “Carry This Picture” – Dashboard Confessional

OOH! p.s. – Found out this week that a NEW Dashboard Confessional CD will be released in November, and their doing a tour promoting it, and there IS A STOP IN DENVER!!!!! I’ve wanted to see Dashboard for YEARS, and now it’s happening! Im super excited! But, another blog about that later!!!